KCHR Webinar


Print, Performance, Manuscripts : Missionary Propaganda and Changing Strategies in 16th-19th c. Kerala


Speaker: Professor Christophe A.M Vielle

Indologist, Professor at  UCLouvain, Belgium 

Date and Time: 16th February, 2023 at 11.00 am (IST)

Venue: KCHR Pattanam Campus, North Paravur, Ernakulam (in hybrid mode) 



Abstract: The lecture will explore the relation between the printed word and performative art-forms on one hand and the motivations of early European missionary activity in Kerala. It will look closely at the evolving readership as well as the conditions of production and circulation of missionary literature, and its impact on the languages of the region. 

About the Speaker: Prof. Christophe AM Vielle is a renowned Indologist, with particular interest in the premodern and early modern literatures of Kerala. He has worked extensively on Arnos Padiri (Johann Ernst Hanxleden S.J), including on manuscripts of the latter’s Malayalam-Portuguese dictionary as well as his Sanskrit grammar. Vielle is currently Professor Extraordinaire at UCLouvain in Belgium.