Dalit History Month- KCHR Online Repository

We started observing April as Dalit History Month at the KCHR from 2019 onwards.  This commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar (b.14 April 1891), who was singularly responsible for making the Dalit Question in India a significant political, social economic and cultural issue. Therefore it is in the fitness of things that a section of scholars in critical history and social sciences began to observe Dalit History Month since 2012. Intellectually the observation also borrows from Black History Month that originated in the United States. We at the KCHR feels the observation appropriate as  it helps to draw the attention of scholars and the public at large to several fundamental questions in the area of history and social sciences which are the central concerns of Dalit History. 


1. Why Dalit History and Historiography?  by Professor  P. Sanal Mohan

2. Histories of India's Periphery: British Empire and its Adivasis in Deccan India' by Dr. Bhangya Bhukya (From the KCHR Archives) 

3. Oral History Narratives from Partition 1947- The Dalit Experience by Dr. Akanksha Kumar

4. കേരളത്തിലെ ദളിത് ചരിത്ര രചനകളും പുതുപ്രവണതകളും - വിനിൽ പോൾ

5. Rethinking Slavery in South Asia by Professor P. Sanal Mohan (From the KCHR Archives) 

6. Global Christianity and the Transformation of Dalits in Colonial and Postcolonial Kerala by Professor P. Sanal Mohan (From the KCHR Archives)

7. Conceptualizing Dalit Historiography by Professor Gopal Guru (From the KCHR Archives) 

8. Beyond Victimhood: Less Told Stories of Malayali Dalit Women Heroes by Dr. Rekha Raj (From the KCHR Archives) 




1. List of Selected works from the KCHR Library collection on Dalit History and Historiography  

2. Link to collated List of Survey Documents collected as part of the Endangered Archives Project (EAP) of the British Library titled Creation of a digital archive of social reform movements among the Dalit and lower caste groups in Kerala, South West India (EAP292) 
Project Description: The project carried out a survey of documents related to Dalit and lower caste social reform movements in the twentieth century Kerala, South West India for collecting and preserving them in a digital archive. 
Courtesy: British Library